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Rooted in Nature

We are a small business located in Olympia, Washington. We are environmentally and health-conscious people that enjoy the great outdoors, we are ethical and eco-friendly, and we believe most things are naturally better. We did a lot of research and sourcing and we are proud to offer these high-quality and all-natural sun care products.

The formulas we select are organic, professionally formulated, and well tested to meet quality standards. Our Summer Lotion® products are all made in the USA, in FDA-certified facilities.

Summer Lotion is also Leaping Bunny certified (no animal testing), is nationally certified as a Minority-Owned business, and is a certified small business.

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How We Got Here

We initially had a business plan to create a branded line of sunless tanning lotions. While researching ingredients and searching for the best formula we discovered the Environmental Working Group Website which educated us about the ingredients used in common skin products. This discovery was the end of that particular business plan! We couldn’t put our heart and enthusiasm into a product that we didn't believe was safe for our bodies to absorb.


We walked away from that project but were inspired to find new products in this arena that are natural (certified organic), safe for our bodies, and safe for the environment. The switch was easy, we went from a plan to sell a product that we wouldn’t want to put onto our own skin to a product that is safe for your body, eco-friendly, and actually helps protect your body from both the sun's UVA and UVB rays. An easy choice that we are proud of. 

- Steve, Owner of Summer Lotion

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